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Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies

Counterfeiting greatly affects global economic growth and public health through the manufacturing of substandard products that goes against the buyer’s protection regulatory channels. Perhaps anti-counterfeiting technology can assist in efficiently protecting all the products but not 100%. It is important to come up with the best approach that will greatly reduce the counterfeiting of the products during the manufacturing and packaging processes. Anti-counterfeiting is quite essential when it comes to supporting any brand’s strategies and preventing the likelihood of fraud. Anti-counterfeiting strategies and features assist in the authentication of products and work as a deterrent to those who are determined in counterfeiting a product based on the challenges and the expenses involved. Making sure that you have protected your consumers and the name of your brand is very crucial than anything else, for we have many counterfeit products in the market. You can perfectly do this by choosing a holistic strategy that utilizes anti-counterfeiting and brand protection methodologies that are personalized to suit your specific needs in the marketplace. Higher chances are that your consumers purchase your products online. This has led to unscrupulous people taking the chances and selling counterfeit products. There are some anti-counterfeiting strategies that you can utilize to protect the name of your brand. Read this helpful guide to learn more about these strategies.

The first anti-counterfeiting strategy that you can utilize is conducting an internal brand protection audit. It is crucial for your company to examine how well its crucial brands and products are secured when it comes to legal protection. There should also be an examination of contracts to the distributors and the supply chain. This ensures that there are no counterfeit products being processed in your company. To add to this, you also have to ensure that you have registered crucial intellectual property rights. Here, you should look forward to combining all of your intellectual property rights to their right place. It is important to ensure that you have done registration and updated all the elemental intellectual property rights in regions and countries where your products are manufactured, assembled, and retailed. For a majority of e-commerce pages, registering intellectual property is necessary for enforcement purposes to make sure that there are no cases of fraud.

Secondly, it is crucial to make sure that you have regularly checked the unauthorized use of your brands and institute surveillance of your supply channels. You can effectively do this by utilizing both the internet and physical monitoring. Online monitoring is very crucial, mostly when you want to do an internet search to look for evidence in case there is any fraudulent activity with your products. It is important to make sure that you have made good use of procedures that are provided by the e-commerce pages and marketplaces so that you can take down any fraud listings. A good number of brands offer to use the outside vendors, which helps them to save a lot of money. Under physical monitoring, make sure that you have checked the products that have been returned so that you can confirm if they are genuine and ensure that you have traced their sources if they are counterfeit.

In winding up, you can also work with government and non-government organizations to fight counterfeit products.

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