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Setting Up a Trucking Service

Setting up a trucking service is no small task. Obtaining the proper commercial driver’s license is an essential first step. You may also need to hire a few truck drivers to help you with the initial workload. In order to get off to a successful start, it is important to do a lot of planning. First, you should think about the name of your business. Make sure that it has not already been taken. You can perform trademark searches online or use business name search tools to make sure that the name you are considering is not already taken. If you don’t have any prior experience in the industry, you can file for a DBA or set up an LLC.

A third-party business trucking service can help you improve your brand. ATS has over $1 billion in annual revenue, which makes it a good choice for any business owner. While there are major players in the commercial carrier industry, the overall market is still highly fragmented. There are thousands of companies offering different kinds of trucking services. In addition to Mike’s Trucking, the company has some significant competitors. It targets the food industry, a market that is particularly price sensitive and also values on-time deliveries. Some of these companies have specialized trucks for moving less-than-truckload orders.

A third-party business trucking service can help you manage the logistics of your business. Its advanced technology can help you comply with the ELD mandate and ensure that your drivers follow safety rules. A good fleet management software will also track the trucks, comply with the FMCSA’s ELD mandate, and provide you with real-time GPS tracking. Further, it can help you build a strong brand and attract new clients. You may also want to consider a freight load board to expand your client base.

A third-party business trucking service is a great choice for those in need of help with the logistics of their business. It offers a variety of benefits, including compliance with the ELD mandate and compliance with state-specific regulations. In addition, a third-party trucking service can streamline your company’s daily logistics, which means you’ll have more time for more important management activities. With the added benefit of increased productivity, a third-party business trucking service can also boost your business’s brand image.

The interstate highway system was constructed in 1957. The new road network benefited the trucking industry. In 1958, ATS purchased a new operating authority and began expanding into other areas of materials and transport. In 1959, it set up its first out-of-state terminal in Illinois. During the same year, construction of the new highway system took place in the U.S., which helped the trucking industry expand. Today, it is one of the top reasons why the U.S. is thriving.

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